Show yourself and your planet some love.

The most sustainable clothes are the ones you already have in your closet- but when they eventually wear out, finding a thoughtful replacement should be easy and fun.

We only stock sustainably sourced, ethically made products. Click below to learn about our partners.

  • Earth's favorite clothing.

    pact is the perfect brand for buying the essentials you'll go to in your closet over and over again. They use 100% organic cotton (no polluting synthetic pesticides), make their clothes in fair trade factories, and partner with SimpliZero to offset all the carbon emissions for their supply chain.

  • This hat was a plastic bottle.

    Locale is our supplier for Juniper Athleisure branded apparel. They make our soft and stylish winter hats, which are made from 100% recycled PET plastics. In 2022, Locale has given new life to over 1.2 million plastic bottles in their production runs.

  • People and Planet first.

    Happy Earth is a certified B-Corp with net negative carbon emissions, fair trade and WRAP certified manufacturing facilities, and donates 1% of of it's proceeds to charity. Their clothing is comfy, high quality, and earth friendly.

  • And more coming soon!

    We’ll continue to add more sustainable and ethical brands as we grow, so check back often to see what’s new.