A Tough Tree, for Tough Times.

A Tough Tree, for Tough Times.

Juniper Athleisure is based in Sheboygan, WI, a community nestled along the windswept sandy shores of Lake Michigan. With rivers bisecting and bordering the town, and the ridges of the last ice age's glacial moraines overlooking the sandy outwash, natural beauty isn't hard to come by. 

The undoubted crown jewel of the area is Kohler-Andrae State Park, a sliver of land along the coast with gradual dunes that rise and fall, a slow motion dance mirroring the wave action on the lake. Creeping along the edges of the beaches, anchoring the sand and setting up shop in the toughest of places, you'll find Juniper. It's piney scent is as instantly recognizable as it's frosty blue 'berries'. It's easy to spot, but often easier to overlook, happy to go about it's important work without pomp and circumstance. 

Juniper acts here as it does in many ecosystems across the globe, as a steadfast pioneer, putting down roots in places that aren't hospitable to many species. It anchors the sand, provides protection and shelter to various species, and serves as a vital food source when the lean times of the fresh coasts icy winters arrive. Through these harsh conditions, Juniper grows slowly, with some species lasting centuries, even millenia.  It simply perseveres. 

This company is named after the Juniper because we want it to embody these characteristics for our community. We want to put down roots, and do something bold and innovative, in a place that many people wouldn't expect to find it. We want to grow and be steady in our commitment to our community and our planet. We know times have been tough, and we expect them to get tougher, but like the Juniper, we want to be there through it all. A Tough Tree, for Tough Times. 

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